Thanks for all of the hard work in putting together the online school sessions. They have been a huge help this week and both Ellie and Meredith have really benefitted from having the structure and the chance to see some friends. I’m really impressed at how seamless the transition has been to online sessions. You’ve clearly put a ton of thought into structuring the online portion and we are so appreciative!
~ Mark T., Parent of OLGP PreK4 student

"I feel confident that my child will be successful in kindergarten."
~Leah H, Parent of OLGP Graduate 
"Warm and caring staff. Beautiful, clean space.  Engaging teaching methods.  Involved families."
~Allison M, Parent of OLGP Graduate  
"We have been a part of OLG for the past six years. This year has truly been the most rewarding in terms of teachers who are engaged with the students and are getting them ready for the next step."
~Carla W, Parent of OLGP Graduate
"From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with warmth and smiles.  Not only are the children excited to go there, but you find yourself excited to be there. Your opinions and concerns matter. You feel welcomed and valued. The children are engaged and the communication between teacher and parent is ongoing."
~Angel S, Parent of OLGP Graduate
"The school has a warm, loving team of educators who really love the kids.  You can tell they enjoy their work and do it well. We have really loved our experience at OLGPS and can't wait to enroll our twins in a year."
~Emily S, Parent of OLGP Graduate 
"The staff at OLGPS are the kindest, most welcoming staff. The children love coming to school and that is directly reflective of their teachers. Everyone is very approachable and passionate about what they do and it shows. Love the "extra" events/activities that families can participate in and attend."
~Jessica D, Parent of PreK4 Student
"They allow the children to develop at their own pace while encouraging them through patience and a safe environment. The curriculum was well thought out and paced. I saw definitive improvement in my child's knowledge."
~Kristina L, Parent of OLGPP Graduate

"We’ve been a part of the OLGS family for quite some time now. I never thought that it was possible to have a better team of preschool teachers than before. When the teacher and school change happened,  I was extremely nervous and wondered how on earth there could ever be teachers as good as them. Ms. Ashley is just beyond wonderful and we are just so happy with her. Ms. Brooke is amazing as well!  Just wanted you to know that we think so highly of them and they are doing an amazing job with the 4’s class."
~Beth S, Parent of OLGP Graduate

Admissions Process at Our Lady of Grace Preschool

If you are interested in learning more about Our Lady of Grace Preschool we welcome you to learn more about our school by scheduling a virtual visit, or inquiring today for more information!